KunstlerCast - Suburban Sprawl: A Tragic Comedy
James Howard Kunstler, author of The Geography of Nowhere, The Long Emergency, and World Made By Hand, takes on the converging catastrophes of the 21st century. Features a new guest each month. (Note: Episodes 1 - 214 featured conversations between Duncan Crary and JHK during the years 2008 through 2012 and focused on the topics of suburban sprawl, disposable architecture and the end of the cheap oil era.)

After a recent visit to Montana, JHK asks: What is living in a town in Montana all about? He observes that it’s mostly about the scenery outside of town, not the town itself. The streets are too wide, the buildings too low and the public face of the urban fabric is too thoughtless and badly proportioned. Yet many so-called progressives in these places are arguing for more “open space” in their towns. Sustainability is the new buzzword there and elsewhere in America. But what many overlook is that the future of tourism looks pretty grim as more and more people have less money to spend on activities like skiing. There are many sophisticated people running high-tech businesses in places like Butte and Helena, but it remains unclear what the fate of telecommuting and Internet commerce will be, especially now that our national post office is in dire straits.

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Twelve years ago James Howard Kunstler visited Mexico City to write a chapter for his book "The City in Mind." He recently returned there to speak at a conference. In this podcast Jim shares his thoughts on the history, present state and future prospects for this major world city. Note: This episode includes cursewords.

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JHK and Duncan are joined by Jeff Goodell, environmental writer for Rolling Stone magazine and author of "How to Cool the Planet" and "Big Coal." Jeff speaks about global warming and some of the efforts to cool the planet through man-made projects.

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In the conclusion of this one-hour conversation, Richard Heinberg, author of "Peak Everything", "The Party's Over" and the newly published "The End of Growth" joins James Howard Kunstler by phone to talk about peak oil, financial dysfunction, the failures of industrial aggriculture and the coming problems of sububurbia. Heinberg also shares his thoughts on being labeled a "Doomer." Sponsor: http://postcarbon.org

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